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Dear bloggers,

This blog was created and targetted to Singaporeans and mearnt for the purpose of helping more smokers to kick off the habit of smoking and enjoy the vapouring process. It will be a new beginning for a healthy lifestyle.


Joyetech Ego C Twist XL Starter Kit


Joyetech Ego-C Twist XL starter kit

Joyetech Ego C Twist VV 1000mah(variable voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V
(Choice of matt black or matt silver finishing)
Joyetech Usb cable charger (4.2V 420mah)
Mini Vivi Nova Tank (2.0ml comes with 2 replacement atomizer)

Price : 150sgd



World most advance PV. Variable Voltage , Variable Wattage Single Battery, Stack Batteries all in just one device

The SMOK ZMax V2 RMS Kit (Stainless Steel)  Includes:
• 1pcs – Smok ZMax Stainless Steel Body.
• 2pcs -Smok 18650 2800mah batteries 
• 1pcs – TrustFire TR-001 Multi-Purpose Lithium Battery Charger (Charges two batteries at a time)
• 1pcs – Standard End Cap
• 1pcs – Extended End Cap (For Stack Batteries) 
• 1pcs – User manual 
• 1pcs – Gift Box

Zmax is an improved VV and VW mod based on Vmax, it preserves all the functions that Vmax have but with some better features;

PCB with 5 Amperage output limit
User selectable Voltage or Wattage Control
Voltage Control Range: 3.0–6.0 V with 0.1 volt increments
Wattage Control Range: 3.0–15.0 watts with 0.5 watt increments
RMS Option
Large 3 Digit Digital Display with Blue LED
Selectable Main Info Display: atomizer/cartomizer resistance, battery under-load voltage, atomizer/cartomizer Output voltage
Improved Translucent 360° turnning button, much durable compare to VMax
eGo style connector (Fitted CE5 / Stardust without any addtional connector)
4 + 1 VENT-HOLE Bottom Cap (Both Standard Cap and Extended Cap)
Work on 2 pcs 18350 Batteries With the supplied Extended Cap or Single 18650 battery with the standard cap
Short Circuit protection
Reverse battery protection
Battery Monitoring
Over-Discharge Protection

Price : 350 sgd

Special Offer upon purchase:

Vivi Nova Tank (3.5ml) comes with 2 replacement atomizer (30sgd)

Smoktech Telescope (Mechanical)


Smoktech Telescope V2 (Mechanical) Package

Update: Smoktech ave stop selling the brass version of Telescope, the Stainless Steel Version is much better in terms of build quality and it also having the dotted design at the upper part of the mod which make the Telescope looks much nicer.

New in V2:

– Removalable top cap
– Improved Locking disc
– More Solid Button
– Windowed Top Tube 

The TELESCOPE™ is just that, a telescoping mod that adjusts its size and profile depending on the battery used. It can accept many different lengths of batteries from short to tall including the 18350, 18500 and 18650 and others. You insert the battery into the tube (positive side up) then screw in the top being careful to thread evenly. You then screw down causing the mod to collapse into itself providing you with an extremely pocket friendly bullet-sized look (see on the left) when using a smaller battery such as the 18350 and it telescopes up from there. The TELECOPE™ is a fully mechanical mod, no PCB circuitry or wires of any kind. A push-button trigger disc at the bottom of the mod completes the ciruit, injecting a brass firing pin against the negative side of the battery, completing the circuit and firing your mod. I have seen bottom firing buttons on a mod before but this one actually is intuitive and EASY to use. With use it has gotten even easier with a simple matter of wrapping a pinky against the button and pushing up with minimal effort – you won’t strain your wrist.

– Screw down the bottom ring when you want to place the TELESCOPE™ in your pocket or purse. This effecively locks the firing button/disc on the bottom and thus turns the unit off. – 510 Connection
-Vent hole

-Gift Box
– 1 unit 18650 battery
– 1 Multi Battery Charger

Price : 220 sgd

Special Offer upon purchase:

Vivi Nova Tank (3.5ml) comes with 2 replacement atomizer (30sgd)

GG China Mod Mechanical


GG China Mod (Mechanical) Package

GG China Mod  Chrome color (can fit with 18650, 18500 & 18350 rechargeable batteries)
Multi Battery Charger & 2 Sanyo 18650 batteries

Price : 160sgd

Special Offer upon purchase:

Vivi Nova Tank (3.5ml) comes with 2 replacement atomizer (30sgd)